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07-001 Bezugselektroden Typen und Anwendungen

Types and applications for reference electrodes.

07-100 Typ Cu/CuS04 und Ag/AgCl

Reference electrode Ag-W, designed for use with internally protected steel water containers, tanks, pipes, etc.

07-200 Typ Zink

Permanent reference electrode with a special, porous terracotta pot that allows humidity absorbtion from ground. This ensures that the copper sulfate solution inside the electrode remains saturated.

07-200 Type ZN - RW

Reference electrode Zn-SW is used dipped in fresh water or sea water.

07-200 Type ZN - U

Reference electrode Zn-U is prepacked in a cotton bag filled with non-polarizing bentonite backfill.

07-200 Type ZN - W

Reference electrode ZN-W is used inside internally protected steel water containers, tanks, pipes, etc.

07-300 Polarisationsproben und Messproben

Polarization probes are used where the switch-off potential cannot be determined due to voltage drops in the ground.

07-400 Mangandioxid MnO2 Typ ERE 20

Reference electrodes, model ERE 20 are used for potential detection during cathodic protection of steel reinforcement in concrete structures.

07-401 CorroWatch Multiprobe

CorroWatch is a multiprobe which is equipped with four steel anodes and a stainless steel cathode in the standard version.