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04-100 Magnetitanoden

Magnetite, (Fe3O4), is a natural mineral. Adding small amounts of other minerals lowers the melting point as well as improving electrical conductivity.

04-200 Eisensilizium

Preferred applications for silicon iron anodes (Fe/Si) are generally soil, brackish and fresh water.

04-300 Mischoxidbeschichetet Anoden (MOX)

MOX-activated titanium anodes consist of a carrier, which can have a complex and compact design made of expanded metal, sheet, rod, wire or tube.

04-400 Platiniertes Titan/Niob/Tantal

Platinized titanium anodes combine the electrochemical properties of platinum with the good corrosion properties of titanium.

04-500 Zubehör PVC-U Rohre

Advantages, compared to closed deep anode plants, permanently filled with bedding mass: Unlimited, trouble-free operation - possibility of inspection and repair...

04-601 LORESCO SC-02 Bettungsmasse

Loresco type SC-2 is a dust-free product and is considered very pure according to EPA extraction tests. It complies with the regulations for products that may be placed in the ground.

04-602 Koks-Bettungsmasse

Anode plants today are usually constructed with anodes in a common continuous coke bed in horizontal and vertical installation.

04-603 Kopfkonstruktion für Tiefenanodenanlagen

The wellhead construction is designed for use in combination with deep well anode groundbeds.