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08-001 Anwendungen

Application examples for cables.

08-100 NYY

Application as power cable in power stations, industrial and switchgear plants, in local networks, preferably underground as well as indoors, cable ducts, outdoors and in water.

08-200 XLPE-PVC

Various XLPE / PVC cables


Various XLPE / (AWA) SWA / PVC cables

08-400 NSSHÖU

For use in dry, damp and wet rooms as well as outdoors under very high mechanical stress for heavy equipment and tools.

08-500 HYDROFIRM (T)

For the connection of electrical equipment in water with medium mechanical loads, e.g. submersible motor pumps.

08-600 PVDF

Polyvinylidene fluoride (PVDF) insulated cables are specially designed for use in extremely aggressive environments.