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06-000 Typen und Anwendungen

Types and application examples for measuring points.

06-100 Model TP-001 und TP-002

Different models for measuring points.

06-200 Model TP-003

Measuring point post made of high-quality aluminium alloy (AlMgSi), with aluminium cap. With round iron or expanding ground anchor.

06-300 Model TP-004 und TP-005

Anti-vandalism design - all parts are made of mild steel painted with a two-component epoxy resin, colour: yellow

06-300 Model TP-005 (BIG FINK)

Field proven, high strength, maintenance free terminal for monitoring electric currents and potentials.

06-400 Model TP-006 FLUSH FINK

Underfloor measuring station for traffic zones.

06-500 Model TP-007

Robust plastic housing made of Makrolon (polycarbonate), fully insulated - protection class IP 43, with excellent UV weathering and chemical resistance.

06-600 Model AJB Anode Junction Box

Anode distribution boxes are used in larger anode plants.

06-700 Model CJB Cathode Junction Box

Cathode junction boxes such as the model CJB are used when several different protected objects are to be supplied.

06-800 Zubehör

Flight marker hoods and signs.