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14-101 Spark gap EXFS L

These spark gaps are used for the indirect connection of operationally separate system parts, e.g. separate earthing systems.

14-102 Spark gap EXFS KU

These spark gaps can be used above or below ground in systems that are operated with cathodic corrosion protection current systems (KKS systems).

14-103 Spark gaps EXFS 100 and EXFS 100 KU

Spark gap for hazardous areas with plastic sheath and M10 threaded connection screws.

14-104 Spark gaps TC100A and TC500A

ATEX-tested spark gaps are hermetically sealed, noble gas-filled metal/ceramic high-performance spark gaps in Ex-capsulation made of metal/plastic.

14-201 Flange insulating kits

Flange insulating kits are required for the electrical separation of cathodically protected pipeline sections from unprotected pipeline sections, among others.

14-202 Monoblock insulating joints

Monoblock insulating joints are screwless, rigid piping components welded together at the factory to form an unchangeable unit.

14-301 Carrier pipeline insulators

Carrier pipeline insulators are characterized by excellent insulating properties, so that all requirements of cathodic corrosion protection are fulfilled.

14-401 AC delimitation unit VL-14-401

These voltage limiters were developed to exclude any danger to people and equipment from induced alternating voltages.

14-501 Kirk polarization cells

Kirk polarization cells control and divert dangerous alternating currents and block the DC protective current of the cathodic corrosion protection system.