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11-101 DC-Voltmeter 2000

The microvoltmeter is a battery and mains powered DC voltmeter of high measuring sensitivity with analogue display of measured values and end deflections from 10 μV to 300 V.

11-102 LC-4.5 Handheld multimeter

Robust precision measuring instrument for cathodic corrosion protection Shockproof digital instrument Resistant to rain, dust and temperature.

11-103 Multimeter Model B3A2

The B3A2 was specially developed as a measuring instrument for taking measurements during maintenance or commissioning of new plants in the field of cathodic corrosion protection.

11-104 Digital multimeters MM2

Proven a thousand times over and tested and approved by the independent VDE Testing and Certification Institute according to internationally valid standards.

11-105 Digital current clamp meter CM 2

Safe and non-contact measurement of high currents, measurement of small currents, direct and alternating current measurement, voltage measurements & resistance measurements.

11-106 Fluke 170 Series Digital multimeters

With their high accuracy, impressive performance features, ease of use, safety and much more, the three models of the new 170 series set new standards.

11-108 High Voltage Insulation Tester METRISO PRIME

The device is suitable for the non-destructive measurement of insulation resistance in electrical systems, on machines, cables etc. as well as on electrical equipment.

11-200 Multifunction instrument MoData 2

The multifunction instrument MoData was specifically developed for use in the field.

11-302 Earth resistance and resistivity tester MRU-105

MRU-105 is a portable instrument for measuring ground resistance and specific earth resistance according to Wenner's method.

11-303 Earth resistance tester UNITEST TELARIS Earth

UNITEST TELARIS Earth is an earth resistance teste, which was developed to determine the earth resistance and the specific earth resistance.

11-304 Earth resistance and resistivity tester MRU-120

Classic 2-, 3- or 4 pole measurements, 1-tong and 2-tong measurement without disconnecting the measured earth electrode, measurement of specific resistances and much more.

11-310 Soil Box Test cell

This measuring cell can be used to measure the resistivity in soil samples.

11-320 SuperString WiFi Geo-electrical imaging system

High performance transmitter, robust construction for field use, simple operation, menu control, large memory capacity.

11-411 Potential converters

A device for high-impedance data acquisition. The output can be fed to an analog or digital indicating instrument.

11-502 Datalogger and GPS Time Switch for CP MiniLog2

The new MiniLog2 is a waterproof universal measuring instrument with an LCD and keyboard.

11-510 Potential monitoring PFUE

New system for centralized acquisition of decentralized measured values. This new system makes recording operating data easy.

11-602 Line locator UT930

If you are looking for an accurate, reliable and versatile line locator, the UT830 is right for you - wherever you work.

11-620 Pin hole detector Poro Test 7

PoroTest 7 is suitable for the localisation of defects in non-conductive materials on conductive base material such as steel, aluminium etc.

11-630 ISOTEST 4S Pin hole detector

ISOTEST 4S the indispensable partner in the field of passive corrosion protection

11-701 Portable reference electrodes

Reference electrodes are used for object protection (pipes, tanks etc.) in soil or water as well as for protecting steel in concrete.

11-801 Accessories

Various accessories for measuring instruments