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Steel rebars in concrete

Objects – Steel rebars in concrete


Steel rebars in concrete, Offshore structures – bridges – parking garages – cooling towers – tunnels – dams

Reinforced concrete structures from earlier decades usually show corresponding concrete damage after 20 – 30 years of service life, depending on the environmental conditions, general condition and construction quality at the time.

Corrosion damage of steel in concrete often occurs in multi-storey car parks, bridges, tunnels, seawater structures, cooling towers, sewage and process water tanks. The penetration of de-icing salts (chlorides) into the concrete up to the reinforcement and the exceeding of a critical chloride content at the steel/concrete phase interface leads to reinforcement corrosion with high removal rates. For the repair of chloride loaded reinforced concrete structures, construction companies often have to remove concrete at great depth. This causes enormous costs, represents a considerable intervention in the structure and leads to loss of use during repair. For this reason, cathodic corrosion protection of steel in concrete, an almost non-destructive repair, is used as an economical method for reinforced concrete structures at risk of corrosion.
The success of a repair measure depends essentially on the cooperation of a qualified specialist planner, qualified experts for cathodic corrosion protection, as well as the correct selection of materials.


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