Computer based calculation of AC induced high voltage


Effect of alternating current is a matter of serious concern for safety of pipeline, connected equipment and operating personnel. This problem has become more serious now than what it was in the past due to rapid increase in the number and voltage levels of AC transmission lines in the right of way of underground pipelines and improvement in the quality of pipeline coating.


Maximum permissible safe voltage up to which personnel and equipment may be exposed under various conditions are defined in safety codes and standards. It is obligatory for the owners to maintain voltage levels within safe limits. With increasing awareness of the public with regards to human and environmental safety, it is necessary to give due weightage to problems of AC interfered pipelines. The magnitude of AC induced voltages can be measured in existing pipelines.


But it is generally impossible to determine correct remedial measures to control the magnitude of permanently induced voltages. It is also impossible to determine the magnitude of voltages which would be induced when a pipeline is laid in the right of way of AC transmission lines. Because of these practical considerations, the company has developed a computer software and procedure to investigate and provide correct remedial measures for the safety of pipeline, connected equipment and operating personnel.


Our scope of services includes:


  • collection of design and field data
  • calculation of AC induced profiles along the pipeline
  • calculation of AC voltage
  • design of required earthing measures
  • supply, installation and testing of recommended remidial devices
  • field measurement of induced AC voltages
  • preparation of reports