Computerised geophysical soil survey


A very important part of our company`s projects is the determination of electrical soil resistivity to assess the corosiveness of soil and its effects on the working performance of groundbeds, especially on deep groundbed protection systems.
We carry out soil resistivity measurement surveys for cathodic protection systems and power distribution line projects and provide trained personnel with all equipment and accessories necessary to carry out such surveys in accordance with enduser requirements.
This measuring equipment has been developed and used successfully in the investigation of specific soil resistivity. Most of the commercially available earthing meters fail to provide correct measurements for soil resistivity at depths of more than 30 metres. Correct data on soil resistivity at greater depths is of special importance for the correct designing of deep anode groundbeds.
We use state-of-the-art portable soil resistivity meters which store readings conducted at user defined measurement cycles. This provides the highest accuracy and lowest noise levels in the industry.
The specialised survey for the determination of electrical resistivity and geographical profiling of the test area uses computerised measurements with test electrodes and custom made software for data processing and the presentation of results.